Featured Work (In Order)

We Will, Acrylic, and Doll Arms, 16x20, 2013
Meet, Acrylic, and Paper, 16x20, 2013
Prized Ting Again, Paper, Frame, 16x20, 2013
Organic Produce, Dollheads, Glass, Foam Banana, and Acrylic, 13x18.5, 2013
Down the Road of Lust, Dolls, Glass, Spraypaint, Paper, and Acrylic, 48x48, 2013
Cloudy Butts Still, Acrylic, Paper, 36x36, 2013
More Fyah, Burnt Paper, Glue, Acrylic, 11x14, 2013
If Andy Warhol was Jamaican, 18x24, Paper, Acrylic, 2013
FYB on wood, poster, and Silver Foil Tape, 20x24, 22x26 (canvas sheet over wood), 2013
Universal Bliss I, Acrylic, and Paper, 18x36, 2013
Universal Bliss II, Acrylic, Paper, and Foam, 20x20, 2013
Poster Grrl #1, Paper, Glue, and Acrylic,16x20, 2013
Nails In My World, Acrylic, and Nails, 18x24, 2013
Xerox Carbon Copy, Paper, Chess piece, Plastic and Glass, 30x40, 2013
Untitled, Acrylic, and Plastic Flowers, 30x40, 2013
Fall, Acrylic, 30x40, 2013

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